Get the most out of your production floor

Maximum efficiency at a
lower cost

Are all my machines currently working as planned?
Where are my bottlenecks?
Is the night shift as efficient as the morning one?
What is the average machine availability in my factory?

The Software: dView

World View


A bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet and a drill down to each site

3d Signals World View for Managers

Public View

Full Transparency

Real-time availability status of every machine on the production floor

3d Signals Public Live view

Live View


Control & manage tasks on the go

3d Signals Machine view

Machine View


Identify bottlenecks in production and improve planning by classifying idle and off reasons


Data-driven decision making

Detailed business intelligence and actionable insights


3d Signals Reports and alerts



Mobile friendly views for a 24/7 control

3d Signals Mobile view
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Hear It From Our Customers


“We are now able to collect real-time data on our old and new machines with no PLC integration required. To have all this data in real-time at our fingertips has been incredible for the team. With this visibility, we were able to increase the average uptime of our machines by almost 30% within 6 months. This is key to remaining competitive in our field.”

€4M unplanned PO secured during Q4

“The enhanced visibility and productivity allowed us to proceed with an unplanned €4M PO during Q4, which would not have been possible otherwise”

+€1M/year saved in operating costs

“We share the comprehensive reports generated from the data on a daily basis with our shop floor staff, creating new transparency, trust and continuous operational improvement”

30% machine availability improvement within 4 months

“We were surprised to see an almost across-the-board reduction in downtime, even though we hadn’t implemented any measures yet”

Increase Availability by Classifying Idles

“People might think that digitalization only suits large or global corporations. I think differently. Medium and small businesses must move forward.
In today’s world, it’s not the biggest that survives, but the fastest”

Connecting any machine
to the cloud

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