We are thrilled to announce a new capability in our APM platform:
Work Order (WO) tracking and analyzing tool.

This new capability allows:

  • Production managers to report WO start and complete in real time
  • Shop floor managers to see in real time which orders are being processed on which machine and what is the WO status (completed or in progress)

Updating WO at the 3d Signal platform is easy and friendly and available from PC and/or tablet

Why is this important?

Most factories track WO manually, so the most common knowledge is the WO starting and ending time. However, tracking WO with the 3d Signals platform is a powerful capability which enables:

1. Process Visibility:
Location – which machine processes the specific WO
Status – is the WO completed or still in progress
2. One step closer towards paperless factory:

Tracking WO manually creates massive amounts of paperwork and significant overhead to all factory workers. The 3d Signals APM solution offers a more efficient and greener alternative.

How can I start?

Activating the WO capability in your factory requires work order information integration through an API in order to enable WO selection. Please contact us for further details.