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The purpose of this document is to outline the Application Programming Interface (API) for connectivity with the 3d Signals cloud-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform.

This web service allows access to data harvested by the 3d Signals sensors and dEdge device while keeping the data secured for access by authorized users only.

Integration of this data into other factory software tools will enhance data-based decision making and will enable improved planning and production processes through actionable insights.

3d Signals allows developers to interact with its cloud via Representational State Transfer (REST) standard API.

There are many third-party client libraries that can be used to verify REST APIs before the implementation of your own client application. We recommend starting with Postman.

In order to enable developers to access the data without compromising user privacy and security, the access is secured by HTTPS protocol and requires a username and a password provided by the 3d Signals team.

The URL path will always begin with:  https://developers.3dsignals.io/api/v1/

In order to interact with the 3d Signals cloud, a client application needs to be set up.