Permissions and authorization

All of our communications are secured and follow industry-standard authentication protocol. To learn how to authorize a connection to the 3d Signals API, see Authorization Overview.

Data Rate Limits

Products that make a large number of requests in a given period of time can impact the service. In order to enable a compelling user experience, without compromising the service availability, we apply rate limits. Rate limiting restricts the number of API calls for a given time period. Currently, the limitation is set to 10 requests per minute.

HTTP Methods

The supported HTTP method types are:

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT


The service supports the payload type of application/JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). To validate the JSON structure, we recommend using a JSON validator.

Date and Time format

To prevent time zone bias and for accuracy sake, the service uses UNIX time as the date and time format. We recommend using the following timestamp converter.