Idles Classification on Tablets

The 3d Signals system lets you not only follow and record the machine’s status over time but also enter data to identify each of the reasons causing downtime and holding up your production.
The best way to classify is to use tablets installed by the workstation. Therefore, in the following video, we will switch to a tablet view. This view was specially designed to allow the use of gloves, movement, or any conditions that may apply to your floor.

  • For idle classification on tablets:
    • Click on a specific period.
    • Select the applicable reason from the list available and click on save.
    • You will instantly see how the classification percentage for the current shift gets updated, and now your idle is classified.
  • To select multiple periods for classification:
    • Click on the side arrow to open the classification drawer.
    • Select all the relevant items from the list of unclassified periods and click on classify.
    • Now you can select the applicable reason from the list and once you click on save, close the drawer to see your idles classified.
  • Now let’s say you had 2 different reasons for downtime within the same idle period. Like switching from lunch break to machine setup. You can easily split an idle to separate those periods. To split an idle period:
    • Click on the relevant period and then select “Split this”.
    • Enter the desired time for the split and click on save.
    • You will now be able to choose different reasons for each of these new separated idles.
  • If you have several subsequent periods that you want to classify in one go you can also work with bulk classification. For this:
    • Select any idle period and click on “switch to bulk”.
    • Select the relevant option to define the mode. You can choose between definition by time duration or time range.
    • Choose the applicable reason from the list and click on save to see your idles classified.
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