How to display the dTablet view on your PC

Note: Before making any changes, please verify with our Customer Support team that the user has the relevant permission to access the dTablet view. Permissions have been created to limit who can access what to ensure security and integrity.

Step 1. Go to the dView and login with your user credentials.

Step 2. Navigate to the desired machine you would like to view and select it by clicking on it. You will now see the dashboard relating to the machine you selected.

Shopfloor overview
Machine dashboard

3. Edit the URL in your browser as follows:

Delete the phrase “?timeframe=live&live_timeframe=last_2h” from the end of the URL and replace it with “/machine” after the machine name.

For example

The URL before editing may look like this:’%20stand/YourMachineName?timeframe=live&live_timeframe=last_2h

The URL after editing should now end with “/machine” like this:’%20stand/YourMachineName/machine

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