Machine activity log shows short off periods


Short off periods are displayed in the machine activity log / machine view

The cause:

Short off periods are generally caused by unstable network connections


Inspect the IoT device (dEdge unit) without pressing any button.

  • If the GREEN LED blinks:
    The unit is currently functioning properly.

    To avoid any further network issues, please confirm the network reception near the dEdge unit, is good.
  • If the RED LED blinks rapidly:
    The unit has lost Internet connection.

    Please press the reset button and hold it for 2 seconds and release.
    All the lights should be switched ON and after approximately 30-40 seconds, they should start rotating fast and then slow. When it does, your device is working.

    If this scenario doesn’t happen or if the red light starts blinking rapidly again – it means the dEdge could not reconnect to the network. In that case, please check your router for errors.
  • If NO LEDs blinks / ALL leds blinks:
    Check “How to identify a faulty unit origin” guide.
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