The Notification Center

If you want to stay on top of critical events even when you are away, a great option is to also work with the alerts from our notification center, located on the top side of the navigation pane.
  • This is your “alert center” for knowing:
    • What machines are idling longer than intended
    • Which ones are due for maintenance, 
    • What machines still have open items on them that need your attention
  • We recommend activating and customizing alerts on your most critical assets to get notifications on critical downtimes, even when you are not at your production site. This will allow you to communicate with the relevant point of contact to take immediate action.
  • To set an alert, while on the desktop version simply click on the sliders icon and set the threshold to trigger the relevant notification. You can also go to your user settings, enter your phone number and activate SMS notifications to keep you updated anytime, anywhere.
  • A great use for this will be to set it as a system for escalation, where the team leader or floor manager gets the first alert and upper management will set a higher threshold, to get notified if the issue persists after an extended period of time.
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