3d Signals’ Energy Efficiency Solution reduces manufacturing energy waste and costs

Apr 20, 2022
3d Signals

New Energy Efficiency Solution drives ESG across your business and supports sustainable manufacturing

KFAR SABA, Israel, April 20, 2022 – 3d Signals has released a new Energy Efficiency Solution as part of its manufacturing sustainability portfolio that helps manufacturers of all sizes to increase productivity, lower costs, and decrease carbon footprint.

The new 3d Signals’ Energy Efficiency Solution offers a unique proposition of visibility in real-time and analytics with insights correlation between machines’ availability and its energy consumption. 

Manufacturers will be able to use the solution to:

  • Reduce electricity expenses – eliminate energy waste and increase production floor energy efficiency
  • Optimize machine production processes and planning to reduce energy consumption and create more environmentally conscious products
  • Set KPIs for Sustainable Manufacturing – Pinpoint your most energy-efficient day, week or month and replicate processes to make continual improvements
  • Increase production profitability by focusing energy efficiency on the actual operating time
  • Track your energy consumption to identify waste for all machines in real-time

Ariel Rosenfeld, 3d Signals CEO

“We’re giving manufacturers a simple way to quickly reduce their production costs, reduce the CO2 footprint of their products, and prepare for stricter green regulations,” says CEO Ariel Rosenfeld. “It’s a solution that’s set up in days and works on any machine. We are delivering smart manufacturing for a better world.”

The new 3d Signals Energy Efficiency Manufacturing Solution compliments
3d Signals’ Asset Monitoring solution already used by manufacturers to increase productivity and reduce production costs. Using the Energy Efficiency solution enables manufacturers to make data-driven decisions for energy efficiency and profitability.

Dr. Andreas Widl, CEO, SAMSON AG

“3d Signals helped us to significantly increase asset utilization and consequently save > €1M annual costs in production. Considering rising energy prices and strict EH&S regulations, we have defined our strategic path towards net-zero emissions and carbon-neutral production,” says Dr. Andreas Widl, CEO of SAMSON AG, a leading manufacturer of industrial valves, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. “Using 3d Signals’ Smart Technology on our shop floor has allowed us to increase overall equipment efficiency and save on energy costs in the shortest time possible.”

According to data released by Eurostat this month, energy prices in Europe rose 45% in March from a year ago – and prices are expected to remain high. This hits European manufacturers especially hard as factory machines consume a lot of energy.

A December 2021 US Energy Information Administration report finds that 48% of US manufacturers have actively explored ways to reduce energy consumption – but their efforts have focused mostly on facility lighting and HVAC efficiency.

3d Signals’ new solution will help manufacturers now focus on increasing the energy efficiency of their production floors. By capturing accurate insights about each machines’ availability and energy digital data, 3d Signals’ software pinpoints ways to increase energy productivity and ensure each kWh is not wasted on unplanned shifts or idle states.