Prepare your Factories for Any Event with Complete Visibility into Your Global Operation

Mar 15, 2020
3d Signals

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before. We have a global economy, and local events can have a ripple effect across the world. Whether it is a hurricane storming through South America, a spiral down of a stock exchange in Europe or a virus outbreak in China – the repercussions of these events are no longer contained locally and could lead to a global economic crisis, much like the one we are experiencing nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

The manufacturing industry is the heart of every economy. A good evidence for that is the panic buy of food, mineral water and toilet paper witnessed in the last few days as people try to regain control over the situation.

As a crisis evolves, manufacturers are faced with unique challenges, first and foremost keeping up with heightened demand, dealing with a shortage of resources, and overcoming supply chain disruption. And, as we are experiencing in the current crisis, the need to adopt a new, remote work operation mode due to travel restrictions.

Three ways to stay in control

If you are a manager of multiple production facilities around the world, retaining control and acting proactively to keep your business going is essential. Here are the top three points to consider: 

  • Data: In times of uncertainty it can be easy to lose sight of targets and goals. Relying on accurate and reliable data is key. This calls for precise assessment of the actual impact of a global emergency on your production, rather than relying on assumptions or guesswork.
  • Efficiency: The time span of a global crisis can be hard to predict. While there are so many open questions, maximizing efficiency to meet the heightened demands on the one hand, and streamlining operations to cut down expenses on the other hand, can help your business survive the economic slowdown. 
  • Remote Access: There is no guessing what the next advice will be from federal and health authorities, but travel restrictions are already a part of the new reality. Managers of global businesses need to be able to control operations in multiple sites in different countries and even different continents from remote. Having cloud-based visibility into your production floors ensures continuous and efficient operation, even if you cannot travel.

A simple, plug & play solution

The 3d Signals solution is uniquely fitted to address the challenges that come with a global economic slowdown and provide manufacturers with the insights they need in order to stay in control over multiple operation sites spread in various locations.

Our plug & play solution digitalizes any kind of machine, regardless of age, vendor, or type in less than one hour. Using non-invasive sensors and a cloud-based real-time asset monitoring software, we enable factory managers access to their entire operation via a dashboard, with full visibility from any remote location into multiple production floors.

Our solution supports manufacturing businesses on all three fronts and is proven to: 

  • Provide accurate and reliable data of machine efficiency, complete with reports, alerts and actionable insights to keep production performance high. Our solution has been proven to improve machine availability by 30% within 3 months of installation
  • Achieve complete visibility of machine productivity to ensure that even under crisis all your assets are utilized to their fullest
  • Enable monitoring of all operation sites from HQ in times when traveling is an issue

To get your manufacturing operation globally ready for the unforeseeable future, contact us