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Oct 08, 2020
3d Signals

After a half a year in which the entire world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, along with its health and economic consequences, we are proud to share with you that we never stopped working in order to digitilize factories. No traveling restriction nor lockdown will stop us from giving you the best service, including travelling abroad and installing our plug & play digitalization solution for existing and new customers, while adhering to the strictest regulations obviously, and following social distancing and hygenic practices. We believe that our solution is being chosen by factories because it is best fitted to address the challenges that come with a global economic slowdown, providing data to improve control and manufacturing efficiency.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones good health and peaceful times.

Rothenberger Group selects the
3d Signals digitalization solution

We are happy to share with you that the Rothenberger Group, a world leading pipe tool and pipe machining tool manufacturer, selected the 3d Signals Asset Performance Monitoring solution for the digitalization of its shop floors.  
The 3d Signals sensors and edge computer were installed on some of its critical assets in order to leverage real-time data and visibility to improve machine availability and productivity.

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Are you monitoring all your assets?

Why limit your efficiency gains and manufacturing improvements to a limited set of machines? So far 3d Signals digitalized more than 250 machines from more than 40 vendors, and of different ages, models and types.
The current list of monitored machines includes:

  • CNC
  • Belt saw
  • Surface grinder
  • Laser cutter
  • Plasma cutter
  • Welding
  • PMM (precision measuring machine)
  • Pneumatic pressure testing machines
  • Galvanization
  • Paint
  • Wire cutting (EDM)
  • Electro chemical machining (ECM)

Once you digitalize more machines, all machines will be displayed on your existing dashboards, creating one language across the entire factory.