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Digitalization, plug & play

3d Signals helps manufacturers digitalize their machines to become an industry 4.0 “factory of the future”. Our solution generates visibility and actionable insights within hours, using a range of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors and a cloud-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform.

Hassle free

We do everything, from connecting non-invasive sensors and an edge device, to providing full visibility of operations

Fast insights

We digitalize every machine in less than an hour. Start collecting performance data from day 1


Our solution is machine agnostic and provides one dashboard to monitor all assets regardless of make and model


You can only improve what you measure, and our solution was proven to be more accurate than machine controls
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No digital connectivity with machine controllers for maximum cyber security

Growing value

Supporting your growing needs, adding new software capabilities on existing hardware

Hear It From Our Customers

We have increased machine productivity by 30%

We Provide


Full visibility to your factory in
Data-driven decision making in

No, you do not need to purchase new machinery, hire more employees or spend months deploying complicated and expensive solutions. Your machines, even the old ones, can be network connected almost instantly

Boost the productivity of your operations and reduce operating costs, while introducing a common digital language, which is the basis for all current and future industry 4.0 applications.

Your factory is industry 4.0 ready.
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