Public View – Harness Transparency to Increase Employees’ Engagement

Jun 30, 2020
3d Signals

Manufacturers are currently tasked with keeping production levels high during unprecedented challenging times. Working under the constraints of social distancing and remote managing is highlighting the need for transparency across the organization.

The Public View of the 3d Signals Asset Performance Monitoring platform is leveraging data visualization and transparency to achieve productivity goals, contributing to employee motivation, and a shared sense of purpose.


H. James Harrington, the CEO of the Harrington Institute and performance improvement and quality thought leader, wrote:

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”

This is true for many aspects of our personal lives, like improving our running speed, increasing our cycling distance, losing weight or managing our bank account.

This is also true for manufacturing.
The 3d Signals Public View provides a real-time view of the availability status of machines in a specific production area, in comparison to other production floors or to total factory values. The Public View also displays a visible indication of pre-set productivity goals for the production floor.

The unique view is displayed on large screens hanging in the production floor, visible to all employees, urging them to meet KPIs and improve performance from day to day. Transparency leads to trust and a common target for employees from the shop floor to the board room, as everyone is exposed to the same live data and targets. Per our experience, based on reports from factories utilizing the feature, the newly acquired transparency is contributing to increased motivation and teamwork. Some of our customers testify that they were able to reach all time highs and meet KPIs even during the height of the COVID crisis.

The Public View layout is customizable to support managers in visualizing the metrics that seem most important for them in order to be able to measure, manage and improve. The feature is also available for managers remotely through the 3d Signals application on computer and mobile screens.

Feature Highlights

Live View

Visual representation of a selected production floor in the exact layout of the physical location of machines. Machines are color-coded based on the availability status, with a minute count of the current status.

Comparative Data Against Productivity Goals

The graph displays comparison data over a certain past duration
(number of months / weeks can be customized by the factory), of the floor’s availability vs. other floors / total factory values. A floor specific productivity goal is set by the factory and is clearly visualized. Trophies indicate all time high.

The gauge on the left displays current shift availability with goal indication.


Floor managers can choose whether to visualize individual machines, or groups of machines. The display can be customized to present different comparisons, goals and time frames.