World View – Bird’s Eye View on Your Global Operation

Apr 23, 2020
3d Signals

As the manufacturing landscape is transitioning to a global spread with companies operating multiple factories in various countries, the need for visibility into real-time data is now crucial in order to have control over all production sites.

3d Signals is answering this growing need by adding a new feature to its cloud-based monitoring platform — Global View, the ideal tool for global manufacturing managers looking to harness real-time data to improve productivity.


The World View Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view on your entire operation’s availability, utilization and waste parameters. 

The dashboard allows global manufacturing managers to monitor all sites, anywhere in the world, side-by-side, with the ability to drill down to a single site for more detailed information or compare availability trends across multiple sites.

Especially now, when remote control is crucial for successful operations, being able to manage from anywhere, anytime provides a unique edge for manufacturing companies.


Live Map: One Single View of all Your Sites

Visual overview of all production sites for immediate availability visibility. Ability to view per site availability data, color-coded for three performance parameters to allow easy and quick assessment.

Machine Availability Comparison

Comparison of the average availability of each site on a weekly and monthly view. 

Planned Availability vs. Capacity

Real-time tracking of planned production time and total capacity to allow optimization of resource allocation.

Waste Calculation

A unique metric, based on your own input of manufacturing hourly cost, that calculates the lost cost of unoptimized shifts that could have been saved.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access to the dashboard is enabled from any mobile device to stay in control no matter where you are.