Idle Pareto analysis report

The Idle Pareto analysis report allows you to take a deeper look at what causes your machines to be idle.

This report calculates the length of each idle classified, in the selected time range, for the selected machine/s, and presents them in a decreasing order: from most common idle reason (longest cumulative idle duration) to least common idle reason (shortest cumulative idle duration). This allows you to identify the few reasons that cause the most of the idle durations, and require your immediate attention. 

Idle Pareto Analysis report, per selected organization unit, machines and time frame

The bar and number above each idle reason represent the cumulative duration the chosen machines were idle due to that specific reason. The line represents the cumulative count percentage- the percentage of each idle duration, out of the total idle duration in the chosen time frame. 

Breakdown report of a selected idle reason

Hovering over a bar will allow you to dive deeper into a specific idle reason, see which machines were idle due to that reason, when they were idle and for how long.

Idle reason table report for a specific machine, containing idle  reason, time and duration
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